Who We Are

Crystalplex is a nanotechnology company focused on wavelength engineering for high performance LED lighting and display. Our proprietary technology provides the first efficient and stable nanoparticle remote phosphor components for demanding consumer applications.

Disruptive Technologies

The lighting industry is undergoing its most fundamental transformation since Thomas Edison. Crystalplex is helping to lead this transition with nano- illumination engineered to deliver LED lighting and display solutions. Made-to-order CCT (color temperature), very high CRI, and peerless optical efficiencies are all enabled with Crystalplex technology.

"Klauf is an expert company in the field of LED lighting, utilizing remote phosphors. When we discovered Crystalplex's innovative breakthroughs, we certainly took notice. Without the dependence on rare earth phosphors from offshore companies and with excellent domestic chemistry, ingenuity, and availability, we knew the lighting industry was in for another game changer. OEMs must take notice."


The promise of nano-illumination technologies to create warm, high-quality light, with high efficiency has been elusive, until now. Crystalplex produces patented industrial-scale nanoparticles and proprietary down-converting diffuser technologies; yielding light to the exact specifications of the most discriminating customers.

Custom diffuser shapes, color termperatures, and CRIs are available to OEMs, utilizing mid-power and high brightness LEDs, and in a vast variety of markets:

  • Medical & Dental Lighting

  • Municipality & Street Lamps

  • Architectural & Linear Luminaires

  • Retail & Jewelry Display Cases

  • Cinematography & Photography Lighting

  • All Types of Consumer Electronics Illumination

About Us

Crystalplex, a Pittsburgh company, was founded in 2004 as a biochemistry and diagnostics laboratory, specializing in nanotechnology for the life sciences industry. In 2009, the company expanded its research into optoelectronics and developed high-performance nanocrystals for photoluminescent, electroluminescent and photovoltaic applications. Our first commercial products are highly efficient and reliable nanophosphor-enabled components for solid state lighting OEMs.

Since 2009, Crystalplex has been focused on delivering advanced components to the emerging solid state lighting industry and securing our intellectual property. Our future is bright.

Crystalplex Leadership

Lianhua Qu

Ph.D., Chief Technical Officer

Lianhua Qu, Ph.D., is the Chief Scientific Officer of Crystalplex. Dr. Qu is a world leader in the development of fluorescent nanoparticle technologies. He holds a doctorate in physics from the University of Arkansas.


Matt Bootman

Chief Executive Officer & President

Matt has a 25 year career in nanomaterials and biomaterials research, product development and manufacturing. In the past Matt has developed and commercialized medical devices, infection control devices, medical polymers with engineered surfaces and products for the controlled release of volatile substances. He has been a co-founder of four companies, two of which have had successful exits. His academic research focused on the application of biophotonics and biophysics in the study of cancer cells. His keen interest in the physiology of human vision and color perception is a driving force at Crystalplex. Matt holds 12 patents and has B.S. and M.S. degrees in Cell Physiology from the University of California at Santa Barbara.


Dennis Pavlinsky

Director of Lab Operations

Dennis is currently the Director of Laboratory Operations at Crystalplex Corporation, based in Pittsburgh PA. He holds a B.S. degree in Nanofabrication Manufacturing Technology (Chemistry) from California University of Pennsylvania. He also has a Certificate of Nanofabrication Manufacturing Technology from Pennsylvania State University.

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